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What We Do


DELLTA's goals are:

1. To advocate for appropriate legislation, sufficient funding, and community involvement for English Language Learners (ELLs) throughout the state of Delaware.

2. To promote improvement in the education of all phases of English language acquisition and proficiency.

3. To create an awareness and appreciation of the contributions that linguistic minorities bring to Delaware and the nation.

4. To promote and support the professional development of educators of English Language Learners.

5. To recognize the achievements of linguistic minority students through the scholarship grants.

6. To provide opportunities for group study and discussions of challenges ELL educators encounter.

7. To assist as a resource in posting the latest educational ELL research.

8. To provide a forum for presenters in the fields of English language acquisition.

9. To network with other educational associations.

DELLTA Committees and Subcommittees

DELLTA's Committees are made up of passionate individuals working together to realize the committee's purpose and fulfill DELLTA's overarching goals.

Awards Committee: this committee is responsible for acquiring award nominations for ELLs from ESL or mainstream teachers, administrators, or counselors in Delaware schools. This committee is chaired by the vice-president.

Website Committee: this committee is responsible for updating the organization’s website, and for integrating the website with other appropriate websites in our state.

Nominating Committee: this an ad hoc committee responsible for nominating new officers. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the president.

Membership Committee: this committee shall promote, recruit, and keep records of all members. They are responsible for getting the contact information of new ESL teachers and creating innovative and novel methods of attracting new members. This committee is chaired by the treasurer.

Public Affairs Committee: this committee shall provide guidance to the Executive Board and membership on matters of public relations, fundraising, legislation pertaining to the purpose of DELLTA, interaction with the Delaware Department of Education, and matters relating to the general public.

Fundraising Sub-Committee

Advocacy Sub-Committee (Legislation, DOE, General Public)

Events Sub-Committee: this committee shall plan and/or attend DELLTA endorsed or sponsored events to help increase DELLTA visibility in order to promote membership and recognition.

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